#MumsUnite - The Wrap-Up!

#MumsUnite - The Wrap-Up!

On the 9th of September, Ruuji held our first-ever community-building event, #MumsUnite! We organized this event with the purpose of gathering mums of all stages of motherhood and walks of life. Our intention was to create an inclusive, safe community of Malaysian mums and to share stories of motherhood with each other, in hopes of building a solid support system of empathetic mothers.

Ruuji #MumsUnite Group Picture

#MumsUnite started with an ice-breaking mum-themed BINGO game once everyone had arrived. In an effort to get to know our mums better, we also held a short interview and empowering photoshoot session with all our mums. (don’t worry, we didn’t forget the snacks!)

#MumsUnite Bingo Game Winners 

We’re so excited and proud to announce that the event was a success! All thanks to the love and support our #RuujiMums showed us throughout the course of the event.

Reflecting on our event, we’ve learned that every mother’s journey and motherhood experience is different, but no matter the differences, no mum should feel alone in their journey. It is so important to support your fellow mums and lend an ear to your loved ones as they go through the process of any hardships they may be facing. It’s always a good idea to reach out and seek help from people who may be going through the same challenges that you’re facing and support one another through it! Here at Ruuji, we strive to do our part in helping our community out by hosting these events so that mums can find each other, and grow together to hopefully make memories and like-minded friends!

Stay connected with us to know when our next events are and how you can be a part of the Ruuji community! PS: New collections are on the way! Clothes for everyone in your family to enjoy, even your little ones *hint* ;)

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