When you become pregnant, you want to keep doing what you love, and for many moms-to-be, that includes staying active. Ruuji understands this, which is why we've developed a range of maternity leggings in various styles and sizes to support pregnant women in maintaining their exercise routines. To help you navigate the selection process, here's some guides to purchasing maternity leggings online.

What to Look for in Maternity Leggings Online:

Bump Support: Ensure the leggings offer adequate support for your growing bump, whether through an over-the-bump or under-the-bump design.

Shaping Feature: Look for leggings with shaping, allowing them to expand with your bump without needing frequent size changes.

Comfort: Comfort is key, especially with a growing belly, so prioritize leggings that feel good to wear.

How to Choose the Right Size:

Finding the right size can be tricky, especially during pregnancy. Here are some tips:

Measure your waist/hips to determine the best fit as your regular clothes may not be suitable anymore.

Why Choose Ruuji?

Ruuji has gained popularity among women in Malaysia for several reasons:

  • Specialized Products: Each Ruuji product is meticulously crafted, focusing on design, cut, sewing methods, and materials to ensure quality and functionality.
  • Celebration of Femininity: Ruuji celebrates the female body, embracing curves and bumps, making their maternity leggings a favorite among pregnant women.
  • Versatility and Functionality: Ruuji's leggings grow with you throughout pregnancy and beyond, providing comfort and support for various activities.
  • Positive Reviews: Customers rave about Ruuji's pregnancy leggings for their compression support, softness, and flattering appearance.



With our Signature 2.0 Maternity Leggings, you'll experience the triple S - snug, soft, and supportive! We've revolutionized comfort with our new MaterniStretch™ fabric, a buttery-soft, cloud-like material that offers an airbrush-like touch you'll adore, no matter your daily activities. Expertly designed with a high waistband, these leggings provide full coverage and gentle support for your growing baby bump while giving you the confidence of a sculpted and lifted appearance. Ruuji Mum is dedicated to enhancing your natural curves and accentuating your beautiful silhouette throughout your pregnancy journey.

Features of our Signature 2.0 Maternity Leggings:

  • High-waist fit with a wide waistband to keep you and your baby snug.
  • Full length for complete coverage.
  • Shaping feature to highlight your assets.
  • Four-way stretch fabric for unrestricted movement.
  • High tolerance to pre or post-partum belly compression.
  • Pockets fitted on both sides for convenience.
  • MaterniStretch™ fabric combines exceptional stretchability with gentle support, seamlessly adapting to the changing contours of a pregnant woman's body.
  • Minimal seams to prevent chafing and restricted movement.
We prioritize sustainability and offer products that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle while also being versatile. The simple yet timeless design of our maternity leggings allows you to wear them however and whenever you want, with confidence. Style them your way, knowing you're making a sustainable choice! If you're in search of maternity leggings that offer support and style, explore Ruuji's collection. We're committed to providing activewear that empowers women at every stage of life, embracing the beauty of the female form. Whether you're exercising during pregnancy, recovering post-pregnancy, or simply seeking comfortable yet functional activewear, Ruuji has something for you. Visit our online store to discover our range of maternity leggings today.

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