Many expecting mums unfortunately neglect to think about what they need postpartum. All the time and energy is spent thinking about what your baby needs. A little advice from us: You've got to make sure you're taken care of in order to take good care of your baby!

Among the essential items for an expecting mum, postpartum, would indeed be a nursing bra. But do you really need them? Wouldn't a normal bra suffice?

Well, having a nursing bra comes with lots of benefits! In fact, a nursing bra can make your breastfeeding experience more comfortable! It provides some support to your growing breast which may result in a terrible back ache without support assistance.

A major plus point is the breastfeeding assistance feature; clasp or flexible fabric panel to pull up or down for easy feeding. Nursing bras also make it simpler to use nursing and cooling pads compared to a tight top or a regular bra.

If you're planning to breastfeed, you might want to consider getting some nursing bras before your baby arrives. Mums find that the extra support from a nursing bra makes them feel better, especially when their breasts grow larger due to milk production heavier during breastfeeding. In fact, milk production may begin in your third trimester, so it is best to start wearing a nursing bra in your third trimester to ensure adequate support.

Nursing bras have cups that can be easily opened when you're feeding. It's good to practice opening them with one hand before your baby comes, so you're used to it. While there's nothing you absolutely have to have for nursing, nursing bras can be helpful if you decide to wear them. In this article, we'll look at how nursing bras work and help you find the right one, so keep reading to learn more!

What are nursing bras and why do you need them?

When you first see them, nursing bras might look just like regular bras. But, actually, nursing bras have more parts and useful features than most regular bras.

A nursing bra is for supporting your changing breast size and making it easier to breastfeed. It has a clasp or panel that is easily accessible, letting you swiftly expose to breastfeed and lets you quickly open it during feeding. Regular bras don't have these special features.

While you could technically wear a regular bra between feedings, it's not very practical and may likely be very uncomfortable, keeping in mind that one feed session can last up to 30 minutes. This is especially true for sports bras, as doing so could possibly cause blocked ducts and, if not taken care of, may lead to mastitis.

On the other hand, if you have a bigger breast and have trouble finding a bra with an extra hook and eye. Don’t worry, Ruuji got you!

At Ruuji, we proudly offer a diverse range of nursing bras, ensuring we have options to cater to every need, from low-support to high-support nursing bra. 

Now, let's talk about the factors you should consider when finding a good nursing bra.

Features to look for in a GOOD nursing bra:

  • Adequate Support: You should expect your breast size to enlarge as your body begins to produce milk. Naturally, your chest area would be heavier which would put more strain to your back resulting in back aches. The back aches could worsen with bad posture when breastfeeding. However, by wearing nursing bras with adequate support, the back aches can reduce significantly. A thick over the shoulder band as well as thick underband would contribute to greater support in a nursing bra.
  • Ease During Night Feeds: For families practicing safe co-sleeping, nursing bras make late-night feeds almost effortless. A simple pull of the panel or the unbuckle of a clasp, and you're ready to nurse your baby.
  • Extra Extenders: These extra extenders ensure a customized fit, allowing our nursing bras to adapt seamlessly to the changing needs of your body throughout different phases, promoting maximum support and flexibility.
  • Mess Protection and Additional Support: Nursing bras are effective in handling inevitable leaks during breastfeeding. They securely hold nursing pads in place, preventing leaks. They also provide convenience in using heating or cooling pads for relief during engorgement or mastitis.
  • Breathable Material: It is important for nursing bras’ material to be breathable to ensure optimal comfort. Expecting mums or postpartum mums actually experience higher body temperature. 

Things to avoid when finding nursing bra:

  • Underwires: Some nursing bras incorporate underwires, and anyone who has worn underwire bras can relate to the discomfort caused when the wire punctures the fabric and ribs.
  • Sharp Clasps/ Hooks: Nursing bras with hook and eye are preferred by most mums nowadays due to its convenient on and off. While not all nursing bras have sharp fasteners, some may feature clasps or hooks that can be sharp and may scratch if not handled carefully.

By avoiding these common pitfalls, you can make a well-informed choice and prioritize both comfort and functionality in your nursing bra selection.

How Ruuji ticks all the boxes:

Ruuji's Signature 2.0 Maternity Mid Support Sports Bra is using MaterniStretch fabric™ and it is as soft and buttery as a second skin, ensuring you experience ultimate comfort. Designed to meet the needs of mamas with larger busts, our bra offers the optimal level of support to keep you comfortable and secure. Our thick over-the-shoulder straps provide the extra support you desire, ensuring a snug and secure fit throughout your day, so you can confidently tackle your daily tasks or enjoy a workout without compromise.

Let's delve into the features of Ruuji's Signature 2.0 Maternity Mid Support Sports Bra.

  • Mid support – tailored for mamas with larger busts and suited for medium to high impact workouts.
  • Built-in and molded bra cups for the ultimate support, comfort and coverage
  • Elasticated and wide underbust band with 3-position hook-and-eye fastening for easy on and off
  • Additional complimentary extenders to accommodate to varying breast growth
  • Easy access and detachable clasp for nursing wherever, whenever
  • Optimal compression acting as your second skin
  • MaterniStretch fabric™ combines exceptional stretchability with gentle support, adapting seamlessly to the changing contours of a pregnant woman's body
  • Reinforced open back design to provide greater support and airflow

Why Ruuji Nursing Bras? Because You Deserve the Best:

Make your breastfeeding experience extraordinary by choosing Ruuji. Visit our online store or authorized retailers today and embrace unparalleled comfort and style. Happy breastfeeding with Ruuji!

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